Panthers News · Regina Dominican Welcomes New Athletic Trainer Through Partnership With Athletico

Regina Dominican High School is pleased to welcome new athletic trainer Kasia Pszczola.  Kasia comes to Regina Dominican through a partnership with Athletico.  Here is a recap of a brief interview with Kasia.

BM:        Kasia, we are glad that you are a part of the Regina Dominican family.  Could you tell me a little bit about yourself?  Where are you from, where did you go to high school, under graduate, graduate degree?
KP:         I am from a little town called Norridge, which is about 30-35 minutes way from Regina Dominican High School. I went to Ridgewood High School in Norridge.  I also coached Girls Soccer for about 4 years at Ridgewood.  After graduating from high school, I went to the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Kinesiology.  I had a semester of before I starred graduate school at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM).  I graduated with a Master’s degree in Athletic Training.

BM:        What was your previous athletic training job?
KP:         During my last semester at UIC, my internship consisted of working with the athletes.  At UWM, I worked with the men’s soccer team and track and field.  I did clinical work at an Athletico in Wisconsin, along with being at a high school.  I also helped out at Oak Park River Forest High School as my last semester clinical.  As a whole, I have experience with different athletic training settings and am excited to implement them at Regina Dominican High School.

BM:        What are you looking forward to about working at Regina Dominican?
KP:         Being able to work with the coaches as well as the athletes.

BM:        Were you an athlete growing up?  What pushed you into the athletic training field?
KP:         I played basketball and soccer in 8th grade.  In high school, I played soccer for 4 years.  Overall, I enjoy watching sports and playing sports. What pushed me into the athletic training field was that I would be helping people get back to doing something they enjoy and then being able to watch them play.  I personally dealt with my own set of injuries, so I understand how helpful it is to have someone who can help with them both mentally and physically.  I also enjoyed giving my soccer players tips when it came to stretching and exercising to prevent injuries.


BM:        Do you have any pets or hobbies?
KP:         I currently do not have any pets, but I did have a job.  I enjoy reading, riding horses when I have the chance, and dancing.

BM:        If parents have questions about athletic training at Regina Dominican, how should they contact you?
KP:         Best would be to contact me through email:
However, when I will have to notify parents about their child’s injury, I will be calling them through my cellphone.  Hence, if something occurs or they have questions about the injury, they can send me a message or call if it is an emergency.  I know there may be parents that might call often or message of ten, hence, I will address when I am available.

BM:        Anything else you would like to tell the Regina Dominican community?
KP:         I am excited to learn more about the high school, as well as start working with everyone that is part of the athletic department.  Hopefully, I will be a good asset to the community and everyone will enjoy having me there.

Kasia, thank you for your time.  We are glad that you are a part of the Regina Dominican family.