Multiple Teams · Nora Clancy Named Athlete of the Week for the Week of December 9-14

BM: Congratulations Nora.  You were selected Athlete of the Week because of your 13 points and excellent defense Saturday at Northshore Country Day.  What elementary did you attend?
NC: I went to St. Mary of the Woods elementary school in Wildwood. 

BM: I was impressed with your defensive effort on Saturday.  Do you like playing offense or defense better? Why?
NC: I like to play on both sides of the court with my team. I think it’s fun to frustrate big offensive players on the defensive end; and then bring the ball down the court and work the ball in an offensive set. I enjoy when our team performs as a unit, it’s just a good flow. 

BM: Who is your favorite basketball player?  Why?
NC: If I had to pick one player in the world that I look up to, it would be Nicolette Anichini. She has so much heart for the game of basketball and inspires me to work harder in practice. Nicolette is one of the biggest hustlers I’ve ever met, on and off the court. 

BM: What advice would you have for any future Regina Dominican Panthers who may be reading this?
NC: Regina is Amazing. There are endless opportunities within the school community. Everyone has so much fun and no one is afraid of being too weird or quirky. 

BM: What is your favorite subject at RDHS?
NC: I really like the theology classes. 

BM: Any college plans?
NC: Haha. We’ll see. 

BM: OK, now some rapid fire questions:
-Favorite Christmas Movie? –Home Alone.
-Favorite Christmas Carol?-“Carol of the Bells” and “Mary Did You Know”
-Do you wear ugly Christmas Sweaters?-All the time.
-Favorite Christmas Food?-Anything my mom makes. 

Congratulations Nora!  Best of luck as you continue your season!