Varsity Track · Francesca Allocco Named Athlete of the Week for the Week of March 2-7

Francesca Allocco was named Athlete of the Week Award for the week of March 2-7.  She was chosen because of her work on the 4×800 relay team (3rd place finish) and in the 4x400M sheran a sub-70 second 400M to help the team to a 4th place finish.    

We were able to catch up with Francesca for a few questions.

BM: What elementary did you attend?
FA: St. John Brebeuf
BM: Francesca, congratulations on winning the Athlete of the Week award for the week March 2-7.  You were chosen because of your work on the 4×800 relay team (3rd place finish) and the fact that you ran a sub 70 second 400 meter in the 4×400, where the team finished 4th.  

BM: You are involved in several events for the track team.  What is your favorite event and why?
FA: My favorite event is the 4X400 because my best race is the 400, and I get to compete with my team at the same time..

BM: Is there an event that you have no interest in? Why?
FA:  High jump.  I can’t even make it over the bar at the lowest height.

BM: What is the best part about being on the track team?  Why?
FA:  Being part of a great team with great people, and getting in a great workout everyday.

BM: Are you involved in any other school activities?
FA: Volleyball and other clubs.  

BM: Ok, some rapid fire questions:
FA: Favorite class? History
FA: Art or music? Music
FA: Favorite movie? Elf
FA: Favorite season? Summer

Congratulations and best of luck as you continue your season!