Varsity Track · Senior Athlete Profile-Rihab Junagadhwala

In an effort to promote our Spring Senior athletes, RDHS is launching the first ever virtual senior night.  Throughout the rest of the school year, we will be profiling a senior athlete.  Today, we have Rihab Junagadhwala.

Name: Rihab Junagadhwala
Sport: Track and Field
Feeder School: MCC Full Time School
Other Sports at RDHS: Cross Country (freshman and sophomore year)
Other Activities at RDHS: Art Club, NAHS, NEHS, NSHS, Green Paws
How many years have you played this sport: 4 years (Junior year I only did winter track, not spring track)
Favorite Individual Moment during your RDHS career: My favorite moment was when I ran my best time, of 29 seconds, for a 200 meter dash. This was the end of my sophomore year track season and was the meet right before GCAC I think.
Favorite Team Moment during your RDHS career: My favorite team moment was sophomore year when we had an outdoor meet somewhere (forgot where), and the weather was bitterly cold and rainy. All of us sat on the bleachers huddled together in blankets, with umbrellas over our heads. We all felt like we were freezing to death, and having to run in that sort of weather was the biggest pain in the butt. Nonetheless, it made for a good team memory and displayed our perseverance and commitment to the team as we all ran our best and encouraged one another in the races. At the end of the meet, one of the girl’s fathers brought pizza for the whole team. It was really sweet and brought the team together as we toughened up and finished the meet.
Advice for underclassmen: Put your best effort into everything that you do, not just to impress others, but to impress yourself. Hard work really does pay off, and being proud of your accomplishments is the best gift you could give yourself.
Plans after RDHS: Attending Loyola University Chicago and majoring in Business Marketing and minoring in Computer Science.