Varsity Tennis · Tennis Wins McDonell Award

Today,  Regina Dominican High School announced the winner of the McDonell Award, recognizing the athletic team with the highest collective Grade Point Average (GPA) during a given sports season, to the  Tennis Panthers. “At Regina Dominican, we believe in the true definition of the term student-athlete.  Congratulations to the Tennis team on their outstanding performance in the classroom.  The team finished quarter 1 with a 3.6 GPA, on a 4.0 scale,” explained Athletic Director Brian Mancuso. “Also, congratulations to the Cross Country, Golf, and Swimming teams, as they had GPAs above a 3.3, on a 4.0 scale.

The team will have their name etched on a permanent plate outside the gymnasium to commemorate the honor.
Team members include:
Angelica Birman ‘21
Abigail Farmer ‘21
Maura Heneghan ‘21
Mairead Lowry ‘21
Victoria Mando ‘21
Colleen Murdock ‘21
Maeve Newton ‘21
Kate Sheehy ‘21
Kate Stieve ‘21
Laura Strenk ‘21
Jaydi Vasquez ‘21
Menghan Xie ‘21
Isabel Cerrado ‘22
Alexandria Facchini ‘22
Maeve Gibbons ‘22
Yexuan He ‘22
Vanesa  Hoxha ‘22
Abbey Schurr ‘22
Maddie Simonson ‘22
Amalia waltz ‘22
Francesca Allocco’23
Margaret Clancy ‘23
Madeline Evanoff ‘23
Grace Leahy ‘23
Emily McDermott ‘23
Kinsey McGuire ‘23
Mimi Waddell ‘23
Sophia Watson ‘23
Margaret Bramblet ‘24
Emily Escobar ‘24
Ella Grillo ‘24
Nora Grillo ‘24
Maria Kadjan ‘24
Kate Ludden ‘24
Katherine Tran’ 24
Tiffany Richards ‘24
Katherine Schuenzel ‘24

Calvin Loyd
Beth Cassier
Barb Bevenour
The McDonell Award is named in honor of former Regina Dominican Administrator Patricia “Pat” McDonell who retired in June 2019. She believed that academic and athletic excellence should go hand in hand.  Pat was a mentor, a leader, and a friend to everyone in the Regina Dominican community.  This award celebrates her legacy and will be given each sports season – fall, winter and spring to the qualifying team.

Previous Award winners:
Fall 2019-Volleyball
Winter 2019-2020-Bowling
Spring 2020-Softball