Multiple Teams · Emma Delaney Named Athlete of the Week

Regina Dominican Volleyball player Emma Delaney has been named Athlete of the Week for the week of March 22nd.  Emma was nominated by her coach for her performance in the win at Willows Academy on 3/19.  Emma had 6 kills and an ace in the match.
We were able to catch up with Emma for a quick interview.

BM: What feeder school did you attend?
ED: I went to St. Juliana 

BM: Congratulations on winning the athlete of the week award for the week of 3/22-3/27.  You were selected because of your performance in the Willows Academy contest (6 kills and an ace).  How does it feel to be selected as Athlete of the Week?
ED: It’s really exciting!!

BM: How has the start of volleyball season been for you?  What has been the best part?
ED: So far the season has been really good, I’m just excited that we get to play. The best part has been playing and working together as a new team. 

BM: Do you play club volleyball?  If so, where?
ED: I didn’t play club volleyball this year because of the pandemic, but I have been playing for North Side Out since sixth grade. 

BM: What else are you involved in at Regina Dominican?
ED: I am apart of Green Paws and RDAA. 

BM: Ok, now some rapid fire questions:
ED: Opinions on sand volleyball? Beach volleyball is so fun, but probably one of the hardest things i’ve ever done.
ED: Favorite food: Any kid of pasta.
ED” Favorite movie: Parent Trap.
ED: Favorite thing to do in the city? Sit by the beach


Congratulations!  Best of luck as you continue your season.