Regina Dominican Welcomes New Athletic Trainer

Regina Dominican Signs New Athletic Training Agreement With Athletico, Welcomes Kasia Psczola as Athletic Trainer

Student-athletes and parents may have noticed some changes around the athletic training room this fall.

First, there was a new face, as Kasia Pszcola is the new athletic trainer at Regina Dominican High School.

Second, Regina Dominican High School and Athletico reached an agreement to continue a longstanding partnership where Athletico is the provider of athletic training services for the school.  As part of the agreement, there will be athletic training services provided over the summer.  In addition, athletic training services will be available during part of the school day.

“As a longstanding partner of Regina Dominican High School, we were excited to expand our partnership to meet the demands of their going student-athlete population, as well as their extended community. We have been thrilled to have Kasia on staff, as it’s been apparent throughout her first season, the level of dedication that she has to the Athletic Training profession, Athletico, and evaluating opportunities to continue to drive RDHS’s Athletic Training program to the next level,” said Jennifer Gawley, Manager of Athletic Training Services for Athletico.

If you haven’t had an opportunity to meet Kasia, please take a minute to stop by the Athletic Training room to introduce yourself and see how she can help facilitate any injury management needs. Please sign up for our Athletico newsletter to receive blog posting, health tips, and more!”

Pszcola comes to Regina Dominican High School after graduating with a Master of Athletic Training from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  She also earned a bachelor of science degree in Kinesiology from the University of Illinois-Chicago.  She started with Athletico in August of 2019.

“My goal is to provide acute care, rehabilitation, prevention, and education on a variety of injuries.  I also want to work with our coaches to help strengthen our student-athletes and prevent future injuries.  I am also here to help our student-athletes with both the physical, mental, and emotional aspect of returning to sport.

Athletic Director Brian Mancuso has been pleased with the partnership as well.

“I want to give credit to all of the individuals involved with developing the framework for this agreement before my arrival.  The partnership between Regina Dominican and Athletico is a win-win.  Our student-athletes receive will receive quality care from a trusted company.  As people know, sports today are year-round endeavors.  There was a need for year-round athletic training services at Regina Dominican.  Because of this partnership, we are able to provide better care for our student-athletes.”

“We are also very pleased to have Kasia on board in our athletic department.  She interacts well with our student-athletes and coaches and communicates well to parents.  She is dedicated to the school community.”

Gawley also encouraged the Regina Dominican community to stop by and introduce themselves to Kasia, as well as going online to sign up for the Athletico news letter to “receive blog posting, health tips, and more.”

In closing, Pszcola had some words of advice to the Panther student body.

“I am not trying to be the “bad guy” when I have to pull you out of practice or game. I am here to look out for your health because health comes first.”

““If you quit now you will end up right back where you first began. And when you first began, you were desperate to be where you are right now. Keep going!”

Kasia Pszcola can be reached via email at