Winter Tryout Information

Basketball Information Announcement

As the IHSA and the governor’s office continue their discussion on basketball, Regina Dominican will continue to host level 1 basketball activities (basketball drill work, shooting, conditioning, no live contact) beginning on Monday at 4:30PM until 6PM.  Basketball will also have activities on Wednesday and Friday at 4:30-6PM. We will assess the fluid situation on a weekly basis or until a firm decision is made by all governing parties.

Any student-athlete wishing to participate in any basketball activity must be registered on Final Forms and have a valid IHSA physical on file with the athletic training office.

Here is a link for more information on the Final Forms registration process:

Here is a link for the IHSA physical form:

Participation in this activity is voluntary.  This activity is not considered a tryout.

Changes in discussions between the IHSA and the governor’s office could modify this plan. Their next meeting is November 19.

Please contact the athletic office or Coach Newton with questions.


1. Bowling Tryouts will be held on Monday, November 16th and Tuesday, November 17th from 4-6PM at Bowlero in Niles.
2. We will then have our first practice on Thursday, November 18th
3. Varsity players will be required to purchase their own shoes & ball
4. JV players will be required to purchase their own shoes and encouraged to purchase their own ball.
Questions-please contact Coach Rich ( or Coach Biegel (